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Services Provided:

Clinical Consultation

Surgical Consultation

Diagnostic Sleep Studies

Sleep Medicine Education

CPAP/Bi-Level Titration

Multiple Sleep Latency Tests (MSLT)

Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT)

Patient Inquiries:

If you are an Ontario resident with a valid Canadian residency status, and you are referred by your family physician or/and our consultants, are 100% covered by OHIP.

A complete over-night sleep study lasts from 9pm to 6am. The test will not cause any inconvenience to your daytime activity. You can resume all regular activities the next day after your study.

We provide a private room with a double bed for each patient to ensure your privacy, safety and comfort. Our Professional Polysomnographic Technologist will collect vital data throughout the night, which includes sleep patterns, breathing patterns, and oxygen levels while awake and asleep. Other important data such as cardiograms, brain wave activities and muscle tone are also measured. The equipment used are portable, so you are able to go to the bathroom during the night or even have a walk after sensor set-up before you sleep.

  • Bring your valid health card for each visit.
  • 2-piece pajamas (nightgowns are not optimal), slippers and anything for your added comfort is accommodated (such as personal pillows or blankets).
  • Please also bring a list of your daily medication(s) with dosage.
  • If you are currently on CPAP treatment, please bring your machine with the mask, tubing/hose, and headgear.
  • Keep your daily routine as close to normal as possible.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and beverages with caffeine, such as coffee, tea or soda (such as coke) on the day of your study.
  • Avoid taking afternoon naps on the day of your study.
  • Please bring a completed copy of your physician referral form with you, or fax the referral to our clinic prior.