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    How likely are you to
    doze off or fall asleep in the
    following situations,in contrast to
    just feeling tired?
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We deliver and maintain a high standard of patient care in the diagnosis, control and treatment of different kinds of sleep disorders. Many people think insomnia is incurable and can only be endured. Most people suffer from snoring and this is usually not true.

If you are a bedtime worrier, poor sleeper or have to use sleeping pills occasionally to get the rest you need, consult your family physician for professional advice. This website provides a lot of valuable information that can help you learn more about your sleeping troubles.

Our Sleep Clinic provides a full range of diagnostic tests
for our patients with suspected sleep apnea or other forms of sleep disorders.

Dr. Raymond Ng M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.S.C. American Board Certified, Sleep Medicine (CPSO)

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